Sheikh Murjan will arrive in Los Angeles on June 15, 2003

Sheikh Murjan
 The Desert Man

Sheikh Murjan is the most sought-after Holy Spirits psychic medium from the middle east. By channeling the vast energies of the holy spirits, he will help you shed light on your future. He will call upon your guardian angel to help you solve your problems, bring you happiness, and guide you through the difficulties of your life.

The Sheikh can help you with the following:

  • Happiness

  • Love/Marriage

  • Career Success

  • Cleansing of bad energies or curses

  • Expelling evil spirits from your home or workplace/ business

  • Healing of recurring nightmares

  • Blessing of your home, business and family with the holy spirits' grace

  • Identifying and communicating with your guardian angel

  • Communicate with your loved ones who have passed away

  • Palm reading

  • Coffee cup reading

Lebanon #: 9614-523-066
USA #:  1-818-545-9752 (after Dec 15, 2001)