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The Sheikh is in Lebanon and will be returning to Los Angeles on Dec 15. If you need help, please call the following numbers to speak with him:
Lebanon #: 9614-523-066
USA #:  1-818-545-9752 (after Dec 15, 2001)

Send your donations in the form of cash, money order, or check that is made out to "cash" instead of his name. Ask for the address when you call.

Please have your thoughts collected before you call him. Be specific when you explain your problems and questions or requests.  Through the power of his guardian angel, Saint Magi Melichior, (one of the wise men who paid homage to the infant Jesus) and the Holy Spirits, he will help you in your time of need.

The Sheikh has stressed several times during his stays in Los Angeles that the 21st century will see increase evil in the world and we should ask God and our guardian angels for assistance in fighting that evil. We have included a list of situations which may help you understand in what capacity he will assist you.

Prayers for sick children
Parents with children suffering from any sickness may request the Sheikh s prayer. The Sheikh will request that you have as many people as possible join with him in prayer (not necessary to be physically with him).

Neutralizing written curses or bad energies
One of the evil traditions of the Middle Eastern, European, Latin and African cultures have been to curse others and wish them evil using the written word or other objects as its symbols. This is sometimes done through individuals who specialize in collaborating with evil spirits or other times are learned from their elders. Depending on the power of the curse, the consequences to the victim will be from feeling pressured, saddened, clouded to completely being ruined financially, physically, and emotionally. The victim will not be able to pinpoint why or how all the misfortune has come about.

The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions:  One of the most extreme form of this evil was done to a woman I was introduced to. When I met her, she had already become insane. My guardian angel, Saint Magi Melichior, informed me that she has been and is still being tortured beaten, clawed, and other unmentionable acts by an evil spirit, a monster I spent many days praying to the Holy Spirits to forbid this monster from ever coming close to her This woman has seen improvements in her life since.  

Finding the right person and getting married
Due to various reasons such as others curses, jealousy, or negative energies, you may not be able to love or be loved by another. Others may not even see you in a positive light.

The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions: a woman came to visit me recently. She had gone through a very bad divorce many years ago. She had not been able to date ever since the divorce; not even one date for over 5 years. When I inquired about her, my guardian angel, Saint Magi Melichior, informed me that her ex-husband had cursed her Through several nights of prayers and thanks to my guardian angel and the Holy Spirits, the curse was neutralized. Within two months, she met and started happily dating her current boyfriend.  

Improving children s ability to speak
Some children reach the age of 3 or 4 and only speak few words. This is not necessarily based on any medical factors. Parents fear that the child will not fully develop his or her ability to speak. Those with children that are suffering from medical causes should refer to the first situational paragraph.

The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions: a family brought their 5 year old son who hadn t ever spoken to them except to say a few words. They asked me for help. Through prayers I requested my guardian angel and the Holy Spirits to help this child and loosen his tongue.   After a week, the father called to say that they ve noticed significant improvements. After a month, the child started to regularly sing spiritual songs previously heard at church services Soon after, when the child was enrolled in a school Christmas play and when the father asked him which role he had chosen to play, the child had replied: but of course Saint Magi Melichior, dad!

Expelling unwanted spirits from your home
Often, evil spirits will make a family s life uncomfortable or even threaten their safety. They come about usually when unintentionally invited through spiritual sessions by the inexperienced or by curses or bad intentions of others toward your family. They will usually try to hurt the weakest member of your family.   The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions: there are many occurrences when I m called to a house to help the family get rid of spirits who continuously harass them. The women, especially the children, often report that they hear something whistling or blowing in their ear, that they are beaten or they wake up and discover bruise marks on their body  

Bring back love between married couples
There are extended times when friction between couples increases and remains for no apparent reason. Each sees the other in especially negative light and cannot reconcile. Sometimes this is due to negative energies wrapping one or both the individuals resulting in increased hostility toward each other.

Speak to loved ones who have passed away
You may communicate with anyone in the spiritual world.

Help in your job hunt
Your guardian angel and the Holy Spirits can help with your job hunt given that you re making the right effort.

The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions: with the recent cuts in the Internet business, a marketing professional had lost his job. He had applied to a more stable and promising position with a local company but hadn t heard back. After he gave me all the details such as the HR manager s name, I prayed to my guardian angel, Saint Magi Melichior, to guide the HR manager and have her notice his resume and give him a call. Also, the Holy Spirits helped him throughout the interview process by informing him of the hiring manager s intentions and views about him.

Find out others thoughts and intentions toward you
You may often want to know what your boss or your boyfriend is currently thinking about you or what their intentions are in regards to a specific matter.

The following is an excerpt from one of the Sheikh s interview sessions: People generally would like to know if their boss is intending to give them a promotion or if they are in the list of employees to be laid off soon.  In the social scene, men and women would like to know if their boyfriend or girlfriend is serious about their relationship, if the other is cheating, or if they intend to propose

Finding lost family members or friends
If the other person is not in hiding and is willing to be found or discovered by others; if you provide accurate information; and if it is in the person s and your benefit to be reunited, then the Holy Spirits will inform you of his/her whereabouts.

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